Nail Application and Removal


1. Clean and wash hands.

2. Select correct size of press on nails for each finger.

3. File and buff surface of nail with provided nail file and mini buffer pad.

4. Wipe each nail down with provided alcohol pads.

5. Add a small dot of glue or appropriately sized adhesive sticker to the nail.

6. Press down for 5 seconds.

7. Repeat on all nails.

*WARNING* please do not use UV gel to apply nails, the light will not penetrate through the polish and will not cure and can cause an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis.


1. In a bowl or deep dish, mix warm water, a skin safe oil, and soap.

2. Soak your hands in the bowl for 10-15 minutes or until you feel the press on nails begin to loosen and lift.

3. Use the included cuticle stick to finish popping off the nails.

4. Wash your hands and apply cuticle oil on your nail beds.