The Beginning of My Self-Love Journey

The Beginning of My Self-Love Journey

Welcome to the first blog I’ve ever written, it might be a mess so please be gentle with me. This business is a one woman show, and has been an incredible journey, so I wanted to start this blog in case it will find anyone who had the same struggles I did.

I wanted to dedicate my first ever post to the reason why I started my business in the first place, my struggles with mental health and self love. Unbeknownst to me, I lived my whole life with undiagnosed ADHD, which led to the development of anxiety and depression. One of the ways my anxiety presented itself was a nasty habit of peeling off any nail polish that adorned my fingertips. I tried to combat the habit by paying to get my nails done at salons, hoping the longer lasting polish and awareness of the cost would help curb the habit; spoiler alert, it didn't. To make matters worse, I have really sensitive skin and every single nail tech I’ve ever been to has made my cuticles bleed, no matter how much I asked them to please not cut them. All this being said, I was not able to enjoy a staple part of many people’s self-love routine.

Searching for a solution, I began to paint my own press on nails with the intention of wearing them out for events, and peeling them off immediately after. Soon after, 2020 and the pandemic hit. I had just graduated from university and was working fully remote, home alone all day and searching for a creative outlet. In a burst of ADHD impulsivity, I decided to open up an Etsy shop selling custom press-on nails. I wish I could tell you that I thought it through thoroughly, created a business plan, saved and invested, but unfortunately that was not the case. My business is run purely on delusion and hyperfixations.

The hyperfixation lasted for a couple years, then the boredom hit and with it came another ADHD whim. I had been making jewelry on and off since highschool, and had been hyper fixating on collecting crystals for a year, so what did I do? I started designing crystal jewelry and added that to my shop as well. At this point my mental health was at an all time low and in another bust of impulsivity, I quit my mentally draining job and created this website, dedicating myself to my business full time.

On top of my mental health struggles, I also had a mountain of physical health issues that doctors would either not acknowledge, or prescribe medications that just made things worse. Searching for answers I stumbled upon herbal medicine. This is where I must give a disclaimer, I still believe in medical science and it is most definitely needed, but natural treatments have been life changing for me in terms of managing symptoms and side effects. I fell in love with herbalism, especially in terms of skin care. Impulsively, I became certified in herbal medicine and started crafting natural skin care items for the shop as well.

This is where we catch up to the present day. My struggles with mental health and my inability to do anything for myself created my business, where I now strive to help people start their self-love journeys. If you’re up for it, I welcome you to join my community.

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