About Us

Welcome to Enchanted Forest Designs, a Latina owned small business. We create hand crafted press on nails, jewelry, and self care items. Our creations are meant to help heal your inner child, connect you with the divine feminine, and aid in your spiritual healing journey.

                 image of business owner-Nicole Cabrera

About the owner:

Hi I'm Nicole, I'm the owner of Enchanted Forest Designs LLC and I hand make everything, it's a one woman show. I have a masters degree in Architecture, but very quickly realized that the industry was not for me. I decided instead to pursue my passion of creating art and herbal remedies, thus this business was born. Have a look around and enjoy your stay in my enchanted forest.

My favorite products: 

  • Self Love Ritual Bath
  • Almond and Jojoba Cuticle Oil
  • Dianthe Necklace

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